Footy Tipping Terms and Conditions

Nixon Hotel Footy Tipping 2017

  1. Entry Conditions
    1. Entry fee of $25, full fee going to prize pool.
    2. Multiple entries are permitted per person.
    3. All entries receive a free pot of Carlton Draught, pot of Bulmer’s Cider or glass of house wine upon signup.
    4. All entrants who submit their tips in at least 16 rounds of the home and away season go into the draw to win a $200 venue voucher.
  2. Terms & Conditions
    1. Tips should be marked by putting a line through the losing team.
    2. Full round of tips must be submitted before start of first game of the round. Failing to put on tips before the first bounce of the first game will result in the card being marked as the lowest of the scores achieved by the tippers. This includes rounds starting on a Thursday.
    3. Failing to tip singular games will be marked with a 0 for that game.
    4. Email tips must be submitted 24 hours prior to first bounce of the first game of the round. Email tips can be submitted a maximum of 5 times per card to to allow for tipsters taking leave during the season.
    5. Drawn games will be marked as a 0.
    6. Tip 9 in a round and receive a $20 venue voucher which can be put towards food and/or drink and must be consumed in its entirety on the day of use and must be used before commencement of the next round. Failure to redeem the tip 9 voucher or redeem it in its entirety will result in it being forfeited.
    7. Scoring will be done by management of the hotel, and their decision is final.
    8. The last four rounds 20, 21, 22 & 23 will be marked blind on the public scoreboard.
    9. In the event of a tie at the end of the tipping competition the prize pool will be split between the winners; e.g 2 People tie for 1st, they will split 1st and 2nd prizes, 2 people tie for 2nd they will split 2nd and 3rd


Summary of Prizes

Prize Pool Bonus Prize
Random $200 Venue Voucher*
1st 60% $300 Venue Voucher
2nd 30% $150 Venue Voucher
3rd 10% $50 Venue Voucher
Tip 9 $20 Venue Voucher


Prize vouchers to be used for food and beverage only. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.
Management reserved all rights.